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Hey flisters, I have some questions for you. I know quite a few of you have celiac or choose to follow a gluten-free diet, and I have another pal who's trying to go gluten-free (I don't know if she's officially celiac or just keeps having gluten-related flare-ups). She recently posted to Twitter about crappy gluten-free noodles that broke apart in the cooking process, so I told her I'd check in with you lot to see if you have any suggestions on brands or types of products to try. Any and all suggestions welcomed!

In which I am obviously not observant

So I'm sitting in the Bean Cycle, which is my favorite place for good coffee, yummy pastries, and free internets, and in walks one of the baristas that I've seen here frequently. He and I first became acquainted when he threw a pen at me. Okay so maybe he didn't actually throw the pen at me, but he was trying to hand me a pen so I could sign the credit card slip, and it slipped from his hand and sort of rolled in my general direction. He said something like "sorry didn't mean to throw the pen at you" and then of course, I had to blow it out of proportion and ended it with "I think I'll be okay but the nightmares may last for a while" or something like that.

Since then, whenever I've come in and he's working, we joke around and chat a bit while he's taking my order, and it's cool. Today amazonsun and I were sitting in the shop and he comes in and sees me, so he walks over to say hi. And then he asks if Tia and I are going to the derby tomorrow. I say "Yes, I'm volunteering!" because I'm excited about it, and then I asked if he was going. He says "Yeah... I'm the coach."

In my defense, the only time I've seen this team play was back in December, so I'm not really that unobservant.

Unrelated, I think the gal who's working this evening's shift put We Are Scientists on the stereo, which makes me all kinds of happy.

In which tentative plans are thwarted

My impending trip to London, which is amazingly awesome, don't get me wrong, is also throwing an itty bitty-allen-wrench-that-comes-with-furniture-from-Ikea into some possible plans of mine. For one, I had been thinking about moving out of my apartment, maybe to one closer to Old Town, or maybe into a smallish house, if I could have found one. I like my apartment, and while my rent is going up, it's not going to be too much more than I already pay. I just kind of wanted a change, and specifically, a house-like environment. I'm tired of apartments. But I'd have to move out around July 25, which is one of my travel days, and I'd have to put down deposits and whatnot before I left, which would mean no spending money. Similarly, while I'm mulling over the idea of trying out for roller derby, tryouts are the day I return or the day after I return to Colorado, and then if I made the team, I'd have to shell out a good deal of money for a lot of equipment.

So neither of those things are a reasonable, viable option. Which is fine, just a little frustrating, especially the apartment situation. On the other hand, if I put off moving for another year, I'll hopefully have a little more money this time next year and can open up my housing budget a little bit more.

In other news, I've been feeling like I want to read some nonfiction, which is odd, because I generally don't choose to read nonfiction. If you have any nonfiction you particularly enjoy, please recommend some to me. I don't really know what kind of nonfiction I want to read. Just educationy stuff.

And I still haven't seen Iron Man 2. Boo.

In which in zip along


• I've apparently got a gig as a volunteer at the Matter Bookstore in Old Town. My first shift is May 16. I like the idea of the Sunday evening shifts, but I'm going to have to re-work something for May 23rd, as there's derby that night. I'm excited about getting to work with books and hopefully meet some more people up here.

• I'm also volunteering at the Choice City Rebels derby bout on the 15th. I don't know what I'm doing yet, but I'm excited about that too.

amazonsun is back in town! Woot.

• I'm trying to figure out when I'm going to see Iron Man 2. Unfortunately, many of my friends still haven't seen Iron Man. I don't know how they managed that.

• Fashion show tonight at Mamma Said Sew, a new sewing store in Old Town! My understanding is that it's all local, handmade clothes from designers around town.

• Tomorrow there's derby! And then next Saturday is the French Nest Open Air Market, and more derby! Apparently springtime means all of town comes out of hibernation and starts doing things.
So that old adage about remembering how to do things "like riding a bike" is both true and so very not true. I figure it's been about 15 years or so since I've really ridden a bike, and while yes, I did remember how to do it and manage to tool around town just fine, my muscle memory turned out to be muscle amnesia, especially when trying to power up a couple of small hills. I used to be able to fly up a much steeper hill (...though one at a lower elevation); yesterday I had to dismount and walk the bike a couple of times. However, I managed to make it a little over 8 miles, round trip, and in a little bit of sprinkling rain, so I'm proud of myself for that. I'm going to go for another ride this afternoon, just around the neighborhood I think, so my leg muscles can get another work out.

In which I have a(nother) new plan

If you live in Florida (or the south, really) or have visited there, you know that it's not a really pedestrian-friendly state. It's hot and humid, yes, but in the way-back days, the city planners were apparently so overwhelmed with all the untapped space that they decreed to spread OUT and not UP, as most northeastern cities did, and so getting from place to place takes forever. And half the time, there aren't sidewalks or bike paths or anything that makes it easy for people to walk around. I lived near theme parks for a good amount of time when I was in Orlando, and sometimes there weren't even sidewalks to the bus stops. Being a foreign tourist who doesn't drive must be really annoying if you go to Orlando for a visit to the theme parks.

Anyway, now that I live in a place where the weather and the general mindset is very pro-pedestrian (and cyclist), I've decided that I want to start a new challenge for myself: Car-Free Weekends. The goal is that, on the weekends, if I'm staying in town (and not going out for like, lumber, or something else large, heavy, and/or awkward to carry long distances), I'm going to walk, and not drive my car. Hopefully soon, this will also include riding a bike, but I've got to get a bike.

I can get to three different grocery stores within easy walking distance, I can access the internet at Starbucks and Sunflower market (technically, the coffee shop inside the market) across the street from my apartment, I can go visit Chrysta and Corey, and various other locations nearby. GoogleMaps predicts that Old Town is about an hour-long walk from my apartment; we'll have to work up to that one.

This mostly grew out of a desire to not put gas in my car as frequently as I have been, because I am cheap, but then I realized there's lots of other benefits, like my health, and the environment, and the life of my car, and my finances (because I'll have to really want to get out if I have to walk to certain places). Of course, tomorrow the weather could be kind of gross and nasty, although Weather Underground was predicting that today would be less than ideal, and aside from a brief rainstorm, it's been quite nice.

I love the totally random goals I set for myself.

In which I am forgetful

A very belated Happy Birthday to assaiforte. Sorry! I thought "I should wish her a happy birthday on Friday," and then kept forgetting. I hope you had an excellent day.

It's shaping up to be another one of those busy times where I keep thinking "hey I should check into LJ" and then get distracted by something shiny or worky and forget.

This weekend, my friend Laura and I took advantage of the free museum day (the first Saturday of the month is always free) and went to the Denver Museum of Art to check out their special Embrace exhibit. I'd be lying if I said I fully "embraced" all the art, but we still had fun and it's always good times checking out art. After that we went to Fancy Tiger and I bought yarn, fabric, and buttons. It's a sickness. And then we went up to Boulder and walked around Pearl Street for a while before meeting up with my new friend Eric for dinner.

On Sunday, I drove up to Breckenridge to see my friend Amanda, who was in town with her husband and his family for a spring vacation. We had a blast walking around the town (I kept wondering what it must be like to live there year-round, especially in the summer, during the non-ski season), and I bought snow pants that were on crazy-sale. Now I just need it to snow some more so I can break them in.

I'm the only person in this whole state wishing for more snow, I guarantee that.

In which I apologize

So, I have been feeling like a bad LJ friend lately and try as I might to rectify it, the lack of internet + insanity at work means that I don't keep up with all of you as much as I would like. If you feel like you'd rather free up some friends page space for someone who can be more involved, in general, I completely understand and encourage you to defriend me if you feel it's necessary. Of course I would like for you all to stick around and bear with me and yell at me if you feel like I should pay particular attention to something, but I also don't want you keeping me around out of any other reason than a genuine desire to let me into some portion of your lives as I let you into mine.

I really don't have too much else to say at the moment. Did I talk about my sledding adventure over the weekend? I think I forgot to do that.

I went sledding! It was fun! That's about it! Oh, wait. I took photos! And I only took out one small child. He was fine. I think it was a boy. Either way, said child got up and walked off the sledding field without tears or screaming, so I'm assuming the child was fine. And then we went for a little bit of a hike and I realized that a) asthma, even mild, exertion-triggered cases like mine, don't just magically go away (I'd sort of been operating under that assumption) and b) snow is a tricksy devil. I managed to get one leg stuck in a drift numerous times.

Tomorrow is press day. If I really think I'm going to go into the office early to make sure as much as possible gets done tomorrow, I should probably go home, shower, and pass out.
A co-worker sent me a link to this website which has what I have always been looking for—a pirate-themed collar for the Veranator. I've asked this on Twitter and received a couple of responses, but I'll ask you all as well: Which color does Vera need?

Here, a refresher shot of her current collar (and an example of how fabulous she looks in purple tulle):

The more I think about it, the more I am amazed that she hasn't gone for my jugular in the middle of the night.

I think I may have finally found a name for my new computer (two months after the fact). My previous computer's name, Commodore Norrington, made me laugh because it reminded me of an old computer system and a character from one of my favorite fandoms. I wanted to try to reach that same level of greatness with this new name, but such heights proved elusive until sometime last night, when in my delirious state (sleepless nights + press week = brain mush), I came up with RIIe2 (or perhaps R2DIIe, I haven't decided). (If you don't get it, this might help.) What do you think? And don't act like you didn't already know I'm a dork.

I am looking forward to getting into my pajamas as quickly as possible this evening. My brain is so fried, and I'm so tired. Tomorrow, a couple friends and I are going up to RMNP for some sledding. I'm super excited; going downhill! On snow! On a hill! We don't have snow or hills in Florida, so this is novel.


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