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In which I am obviously not observant

So I'm sitting in the Bean Cycle, which is my favorite place for good coffee, yummy pastries, and free internets, and in walks one of the baristas that I've seen here frequently. He and I first became acquainted when he threw a pen at me. Okay so maybe he didn't actually throw the pen at me, but he was trying to hand me a pen so I could sign the credit card slip, and it slipped from his hand and sort of rolled in my general direction. He said something like "sorry didn't mean to throw the pen at you" and then of course, I had to blow it out of proportion and ended it with "I think I'll be okay but the nightmares may last for a while" or something like that.

Since then, whenever I've come in and he's working, we joke around and chat a bit while he's taking my order, and it's cool. Today amazonsun and I were sitting in the shop and he comes in and sees me, so he walks over to say hi. And then he asks if Tia and I are going to the derby tomorrow. I say "Yes, I'm volunteering!" because I'm excited about it, and then I asked if he was going. He says "Yeah... I'm the coach."

In my defense, the only time I've seen this team play was back in December, so I'm not really that unobservant.

Unrelated, I think the gal who's working this evening's shift put We Are Scientists on the stereo, which makes me all kinds of happy.