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Who here has seen all three series of the BBC's Robin Hood? I've finally gotten around to watching it and I'm 7 episodes into series 3 and I need to babble about it with someone! Gisborne! Robin! Isabella! Kate! Much! WHAT. *flail*

Speaking of Robin Hood, have you seen the trailer for the new movie with Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett? I can't tell if there's actually a story there, but it sure looks wondrous. oh it just got even shinier when I went to IMDB and see that Matthew McFadyen is playing the Sheriff.

I need to keep reading Scarlet the second book in Stephen Lawhead's version of the Robin Hood myth, I've just been busy knitting lately. Oops.

Yesterday was a good day. I got my federal tax refund and bought a grill pan, which I've been wanting for a while. It's nice to have that money in the bank, even though 95% of it will be going to pay off my credit card next month (I just sent in the check for this month's bill, curses). I feel like I have a little wiggle room with my finances now, just enough to breathe easier without going crazy. I also made a decision to delete my okc profile soon, because the whole experience overall is just not any fun, and it makes me dread getting online, because I feel like I should go there and I don't really want to. I know that this approach can and has worked for many people, but I'm realizing that it's not really for me and so I am incredibly happy to have made this decision. If something is meant to happen it will happen, if not, Vera's going to have to learn to accept other cats in our lives.

Speaking of the monster... a co-worker who lives in North Carolina but was in the office for a week or so for press week bought herself flowers for Valentine's day at her husband's request. She left yesterday, and brought the flowers in to work, where they sat on my desk all day and then I took them home. It took five minutes for Vera to discover the flowers and then...

This might taste good

It does taste good!

Nom nom

This is why we can't have nice things

Apparently lilies taste good. Who knew?

In which I am amused at my mother

My mother is Not Excitable. I use the capitals because I have never met a more unflappable, steady human being in my life. This is not to say that she is not emotional; she quite frequently laughs and smiles and is overall a happy being, but you'll rarely hear the raucous laughter of my father (and me, and my brother), nor will you see her get angry or upset (the last time I can remember being visibly upset was when she told my brother and me about her tumor). She's a very stoic woman, but she does have her moments and her own ways of emoting.

Like now. As I've mentioned, she had determined years ago that she was going to start putting extra money aside, so that once she retired, she would be able to take the whole family on a trip somewhere. We've finally decided on a week in London, and I can tell she's very excited, in her own way, about this trip. Because she is FREAKING OUT about lodging.

I have received no less than 10 emails in the last couple of days about possible hotel accommodations. My mother has accepted that my brother and I are kind of bad about replying to emails (although I do try!) and so when one of us is not at home, we'll usually get a weekly email or so. I've taken more to calling her. But this influx of emails all centered around one subject is really very, very amusing to me. I'm sure if I spoke with her on the phone, she'd be her usual calm, even-keeled self.

So anyway, if any of you have ever been to London and have recommendations for a nice, not-too-expensive hotel, please pass them my way. She's looking primarily in Central-ish London, most recently the Hyde Park area, but I'm sure if you had a recommendation for a place that was near a tube station and from which we could easily get around the city, she'd greatly appreciate it.

Until she makes a decision, I'll just go back to telling her "yes, mom, this looks fine." Repeatedly.

(As an aside, I quite obviously need a London icon. Or the Eiffel Tower needs to temporarily move.)

edit to add: since posting this, she's sent me to two more hotels. *headdesk*

In which I am obviously off my rocker

So in looking at the picture of Vera from my last post, I realized something.



It's probably just me. but it would explain SO MUCH.


In which I list movies

It was really hard to rank the movies; aside from the two that are tied for no. 1, they're all pretty equal.

Top 10 MoviesCollapse )

In which I am grateful

Sorry, I'll stop being so babbly soon. But I wanted to thank bradycardia and lanyon before I forgot! B, I got your card today! Thank you for thinking of me and for donating to Oxfam. Lindsey, your package actually arrived 2 weeks ago, but I was out of the state and then the leasing office wasn't open. Hooray, new music!


In which I forget things

Didn't I write up another "about me" post? I've got some new friends of late and I wanted to point them in the right direction, but I thought I'd tagged it with something and now I can't find it. That is, assuming I wrote the thing in the first place.

So, new friends, I'm trying to introduce myself to you. Part of the problem is that I lost everything in April of 2009. I've been on LJ for eight and a half years, but my posts only go back to April. Yay hackers!

Oh, hey, check it out, it's called "About Me" and it's in the upper right corner. Observant, I am.

I'm still compiling the Best Movies of the Last Decade list, and debating whether to whittle down the Best Albums list to 10 or just suck it up and make it 20.

I'm wearing my purpley-pink tights today. Maybe I'll take a picture later with my built-in webcam (one more thing to love about the yet-unnamed new compy).

I watched Star Trek 3 times last week (once with commentary). I managed to not watch it again last night, but I will probably watch it a few more times this week. I'm just sharing my insanity with you.

ALSO, Netflix, hurry up with the BSG DVDs, I need to know who the last Cylon is. This is not a plea for someone to tell me, in fact, if anyone hints at it, he/she will be disowned. I'm merely expressing my anticipation.
I had the hardest time finding boots. I started referring to my search as the Quest for the Holy Grail of Boots. The requirements: brown (preferably light brown, toward the "tan" side of brown—I already have black boots, I didn't need another pair of dark boots), cute, weatherproof/waterproof whatever the kids are calling it these days, under $100, and needed to fit my US size 11s.

I think that last one was the killer. I had found that pair at DSW.com that I liked but when I tried on a size 11 shoe by that company in the store (they didn't have the boots), they were too tight. I literally went to every shoe store I could think of in Fort Collins, and I finally found a pair that I will be happy, but not ecstatic, with: Weathermates boots from Sears. I tried on the size 10 in the store to see if they would come up too high (because in addition to too long feet, I apparently have too wide calves—who knew?), and the size 10s were just a bit too snug, but the tops hit at a comfortable spot, so I just ordered the 11s.

I also ordered Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince special edition and Coraline 2-disc special edition from Amazon, and my camera bag from Adorama. I need to deposit some of my cash into my bank account, but I still have some monies left over from Christmas, woo.

Anyway, I'm going to use this time to post my "for real" goals, resolutions, whathaveyou for 2010. They are fairly simple and straightforward and occasionally silly.

1. Avoid layovers when traveling as much as possible. I don't have a lot of plans for travel this year, but it does seem that this year, my family and I will be going to London for about a week. My mom's already looking into non-stop flights for me to Florida. She's on the same page as I am.

2. Utilize forgotten and overlooked words, such as "cur", "rapscalion," etc. Just for fun.

3. Knit 6 garments for me. I've started 1 and I've got the other 5 picked out. I just have to follow through and not get distracted by socks. But this goal gives me 2 months to knit each garment, and that is totally doable.

4. Read and sort through the books on my bookshelves. What I mean is, read the books I have and decide whether to keep them or try to sell them to used bookstores or donate them to the library. This would be easier to do if I'd stop checking out books from the library. So I'm not allowed to check out books from the library for 4 months. I will be slightly impeded by the fact that my knitting group meets at the library and I'm planning to start volunteering for the library, if they'll have me, but I can resist!

5. Set aside money each week for the aforementioned trip to London.

I'm re-naming MacBooks to CrackBooks. This computer is the shizz. I just have to think of a name for it now.

In which I am fed up with flying

I've been in a fair share of airports. Most of them I actually departed from—security, transport to terminals, the whole nine—but some of them were just connections. And many times, my experiences have been pleasant, if not spectacular and note-worthy, but of all the airports I've traveled from, I think DIA is my least favorite.

This is not to say that DIA is awful. It's not. It is quite nice, with a newish building and clean interiors, but OMG I cannot leave from that airport without encountering some sort of issue. The first time, when leaving from Chrysta's wedding, was fairly simple: The lady working the security scanner lectured me on taking my bag of toiletries out of my suitcase before sending everything through the scanner.

Now, I have done quite a bit of flying. Not as much as some people, but enough to know that NOT ONCE have I ever run into such a request. I've flown out of LaGuardia and JFK, as well as BWI outside of D.C. and LAX. All of these are high-traffic, fairly high-security airports and I've flown out of all of them post-9/11. DIA is the only airport that I've been in that requires the removal of toiletries from the suitcase. And it wouldn't have been an issue, except I don't think it warranted the attitude and tones that were used.

This time, I thought "I'll be a good little girl and I'll put my toiletries in my purse so that I can just whip them right out and put them in a bin and we'll be golden." OH NO. This time, I got pulled aside because I didn't have all of my liquids in another, separate bag.

A reminder, DIA is in Colorado. Colorado is home to NORAD, the Air Force Academy, and numerous underground ICMB silos. ALSO, I had no fewer than fifteen sharp, pointy double-pointed needles* within easy reach. However, it's obviously a grave concern of national security if my liquids are grouped by function and my liquid foundation, eyeglass cleaner, and mouthwash aren't in the same stupid bag.

Not to mention the fact that whoever planned the location of the various kiosks within the terminals was a little... odd. There are three terminals. There are 2 Starbucks. Both Starbucks are located in the annex to one side of the longest, largest terminal. Two Starbucks, maybe fifty feet apart, for the ENTIRE AIRPORT. There are other coffee vendors and I did happen to try one of them the last time I flew from DIA and DEAR GOD IT'S DISGUSTING. It could also be that I don't generally drink undoctored coffee and no one makes a caramel macchiato like Starbucks.

My flight was leaving from Terminal A. So I had to get to Terminal B, trek all the way down to the end with the annex (which doesn't show up on this image, but it's to the far right of the directories within the airport), and then trek all the way back to the center to catch the train to Terminal A. (Thank god the trains are in the middle of the terminals and not at one end.)

And most of the upward escalators called in sick Monday morning or something. I think I had to go up 4. Maybe one of them was actually moving. And when you're carrying a heavy carry-on bag that weighs a good 40 pounds, plus a purse that's overloaded and weighs probably 30 pounds (thank you, airlines, for your baggage fees)... YOU DON'T WANT TO HAVE TO WALK UP ESCALATORS. (They do have elevators, but I tend to feel weird using them in those situations, like I kind of feel weird using the handicap accessible bathrooms.)

Granted, these problems are paltry compared to some of the problems others have encountered at other airports and I repeat, DIA is, overall, a fairly good airport. I just can't seem to get away without having some sort of cranky-inducing issue and this makes me unhappy.

Thankfully, DIA was not the location of my seven hours of airport hell. That belongs to Atlanta and AirTran. I think that the blizzards on the east coast have royally screwed with the flight time limitations of the people working for AirTran (and probably other airlines as well), but being that a) winter is generally cold and prone to these blizzard things and b) it's the weekend before Christmas, you'd think they might have planned ahead in constructing a staffing plan. You'd be wrong, apparently.

I got into Atlanta around 3:30, as scheduled, and discovered that my departure gate had been changed. No big surprise there—this is, after all, the Atlanta airport. I find the right gate and sit. The gate attendants are doing their thing and then all of a sudden... our flight is cancelled, because they don't have a first officer. There are maybe 2 seats on flights leaving for Tampa the rest of the night. They start making arrangements for everyone to stay in a nearby motel, and trying to book people on flights out Tuesday morning but most of them are overbooked, and it starts to sound more and more like I not only get to spend Monday night in Atlanta, but possibly Tuesday night at well on the hopes that I can get a flight out on Wednesday (I probably would have just requested a refund and rented a car if things had continued the way they were going).

And then, lo and behold, a Christmas miracle! They're able to find a flight crew and the flight is reinstated, but there's no telling when we'll be flying. After a little while of uncertainty, it's determined we'll be leaving at 10:17 and getting into Tampa around 11:44. Never mind that we were supposed to be getting into Tampa at 7:10.

Sadly, the seven hours I spent in the Atlanta airport was not the most time spent by any of the passengers trying to get to Tampa. One girl and a couple had been there since 9 AM due to complications from their flight out of Indianapolis.

But I am home, I spent today at the house just chilling with my mom and dad (the bro had to work today but is done now), and tomorrow my dad and I are planning to go to the hospital to see my grandmother (she had hip replacement surgery on Monday) and then I'm meeting up with jedimara77 for dinner.

Meanwhile, I'm having little panic attacks periodically at the idea of leaving the Vera "alone" for 10 days. She's not alone alone, as the Chrysta is checking in on her (and apparently being subjected to her ninja attacks; theemdash, where did we go wrong?!), but rather irrationally, I'm convinced that something terrible and ENTIRELY UNPREDICTABLE AND UNAVOIDABLE is going to happen. Like, a rogue comet crashing to Earth directly on my apartment. I begin to understand why new mothers resist living their babies.

* Yes, 15 double-points. Three pairs of socks. One of which I had already started and managed to finish the first sock between Denver and Atlanta, and the other two are children's socks. I may need to find more yarn before my time here is up.


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